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Balloon Ride

Balloons Ride

Hot air balloons ride with the wind and being aboard one of these huge floating behemoths whilst they take you on an unforgettable journey is quite the experience. The thrill and excitement of a hot air balloon ride is truly something else, and while everyone says that – it genuinely is something everyone must try! The eerie silence and gentle pace of a balloon ride makes it almost surreal – which all adds into the enjoyment and relaxing nature of perhaps the ultimate air trip, in a hot air balloon.

Today, hot air balloons ride pretty much exactly as they have for over a hundred years. In fact the only main difference today is the benefit of technology which has made balloons safer than ever. Wicker baskets have been used since the first ever hot air balloon took off and in fact, nothing much has changed at all. Hot air balloons ride the wind and it’s the most primitive form of flight, and also one of the most relaxing.

The way a hot air balloon works is just like any other balloon except at the top of the balloon is a flap called the envelop and at the bottom is a huge gas burner. The burner heats are that is trapped in the balloon, and that trapped air rises with you along with it. To go up, the pilot heats some air, and to go down he pulls on a rope which is connected to the ‘envelop’ which is an open able flap that lets hot air out of the balloon. The way the hot air balloons ride is really simple!

Hot air balloons ride using the wind and as soon as you take off, you’ll be at the wind’s mercy. In the morning and at dusk, the conditions for balloon flight are optimal because thermal currents are higher meaning you get to enjoy a level flight. Where you go however is up to the wind and even though the pilot has a little control by using altitude to move between different wind currents, you’ll always be heading in the general direction of the wind.

Hot air balloons are incredibly simple contraptions and today they’ve never been safer. If you’ve never experienced for yourself the thrill of a hot air balloons ride, then it’s something that you really must try. Going up in a hot air balloon is an unmistakable experience, and once you’re gliding with the wind, you’ll realize why after hundreds of years hot air balloons are still so popular.

With many hot air balloons ride operators in the UK, you can enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon almost anywhere. Typically operators fly around six months of the year depending on conditions, and you can even book online. With the typical price of a hot air balloons ride starting at around £100 it’s an experience that you too will agree is something that everyone should try. Hot air ballooning is safe, fun, relaxing and above all – completely unmatched.

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Balloon Ride

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