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Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Thrilling, relaxing and surreal are words that many people have used to describe a hot air balloon ride and since the 1800's it's something that people have been enjoying with a passion. Even though today there are gliders, aircraft and helicopters there's still a great deal of charm and enjoyment that can be had from experiencing the thrill of going up in a hot air balloon.

A hot air balloon ride is like no other. Seeing these gargantuan air-filled light bulbs can be intimidating at first, but the fact is that hot air balloons are incredibly safe. Indeed, the technology is very simple - essentially you're being lifted by hot air which is held inside a huge balloon. Because hot air rises, you do too!

At the top of the balloon is a fabric flap which can be pulled open by the pilot which lets hot air out of the balloon this combined with the propane burner that heats the air in the balloon is how the pilot controls the altitude and also the direction of the balloon. Ballooning hasn't changed in decades and this age old technology is a truly unforgettable experience and going up in a hot air balloon is like soaring through the clouds.

Almost anyone can enjoy a hot air balloon ride and you can even book them online! We in the UK may not be blessed with the best weather in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a truly sensational experience. British countryside is fantastic when viewed from a hot air balloon and there's nothing quite like floating over a town and watching people point up to the sky.

Typically, you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride six months of the year and prices start at around 80 to 100 for a standard hot air balloon ride. The ride consists of arriving at the ballooning site, watching the team prepare the balloon and then after you've received a safety briefing, taking off with an experienced balloon pilot who will do their best to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

A hot air balloon ride is affordable and it's a once in a lifetime experience that you'll remember for years. Combined with all the photographs you'll be looking back fondly on your trip through the skies at the mercy of the wind. Imagine soaring like a bird and you have an idea of just how relaxing a hot air balloon ride can be. The good news is almost anyone can enjoy this amazing experience and there are many operators throughout the UK.

Are you ready to enjoy the experience of a lifetime? Booking your hot air balloon ride is really simple. While UK weather can be unpredictable, when you book a trip, the operator should be able to give you an idea as to whether conditions will be flyable. To make sure, call them up on the day and if all is well, you'll be gliding through the skies enjoying your first ever hot air balloon ride.

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Balloon Ride

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