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Balloon Ride

Hotair Balloon Ride

The thrill of a hotair balloon ride is a truly spectacular feeling as it whisks you off on a journey into the wind. This historic tradition of hot air balloon rides are something that everyone loves and despite the fact weíve been flying in balloons for well over a hundred years, still today so many people have yet to experience and enjoy a hotair balloon ride.

People love the experience of going up in a hot air balloon because itís almost like getting in touch with the elements. The sights and sounds when youíre up in the sky are amazing, as when youíre standing in that basket looking out, itíll feel like youíre a bird soaring above everyone else. That combined with the breath taking views make a hotair balloon ride truly spectacular.

While there are all manner of extreme sports today ballooning is most certainly not one of them! While itís not flying either, people enjoy hot air balloon rides because of the fact theyíre peaceful, serene and relaxed. A hot air balloon is also incredibly safe and there are very minimal risks when in the hands of a skilled balloon pilot. As soon as youíve been whisked aloft by the gigantic balloon, youíll begin to enjoy this absolutely amazing pastime.

Ballooning is something weíve been enjoying since Victorian times and a hotair balloon ride is almost a British tradition! With a network of commercial balloon operators throughout the UK, itís possible to get up in a balloon just about anywhere. Today, the only restriction is the rather unpredictable and much loathed British weather.

Indeed, ballooning is an experience that almost anyone can enjoy as long as theyíre fit enough to climb to stand for an hour and climb in and out of the basket. The thrill of a hotair balloon ride today is also more affordable than ever, and itís possible to enjoy flying in the skies for less than a hundred pounds. A hotair balloon ride lasts for around an hour and during that time; youíll be able to enjoy a truly spectacular birdís eye view of the country.

Some of best times to enjoy a balloon ride are during spring and also autumn. At this time of year, our country is at its best and itís a great time for you to be up in the air even if itís a bit chilly on the ground. Most if not all balloon operators fly around six months of the year, and with flights taking place at around dusk or dawn, you can experience some truly fantastic sights from your unique vantage point in the clouds.

If youíve never tried a hotair balloon ride then itís true when we say you really are missing out. Thereís almost limitless potential and when youíre up in the sky it really does feel like itís just you, the balloon and nature itself. If you ask anyone, theyíll all tell you that the view itself is worth a thousand words Ė and your hotair balloon ride will most likely leave you with some unforgettably enjoyable memories.

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Balloon Ride

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