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Balloon Ride

Hotair Balloon Rides

Hotair balloon rides are a fantastic way to enjoy the UK in a rather unique and breath taking way. They're safe, fun and enjoyable for all the family and today, they've never been more affordable. With the chance to soar like a bird and float like a cloud, you and your family will be telling tales about your balloon ride for weeks, months and possibly even years.

Despite the fact that hotair balloon rides are incredibly safe, many people are slightly put off by the fact that they see a gas burner. While it's incredibly safe and the balloon is filled with air not gas, people still think that hotair balloon rides can be somewhat dangerous. The truth is a trip in a balloon is safer than a car journey, a plane journey and possibly even walking home! In the hands of a skilled balloon pilot, a hot air balloon ride is thrilling, breath taking and absolutely unforgettable.

Perhaps also, many people fail to realise that the United Kingdom is perfect ballooning country. The mix of historic towns, beautiful countryside and perfect flying conditions can ensure that hotair balloon rides are an experience that no one forgets. Being able to peer out from the basket and see everything down below become miniaturized is a great experience, and it's something that almost anyone can enjoy.

From Cardiff to Carlisle there are many hotair balloon rides being offered almost every day of the year. Typically the only restriction to hot air balloon flight is the weather, and that normally means that balloons fly for around six months of the year. Flights take place around dusk and dawn to give you the most comfortable experience and to ensure your absolute safety.

Ballooning really is breath-taking, relaxing and surreal. When you arrive at the site, you'll probably see a trailer with what looks like a basket, a huge fan and some fabric. In just a few minutes, the team will assemble the balloon and all of a sudden, it'll turn into a gargantuan hot air balloon ready to take you and your friends on the ride of a lifetime. Hotair balloon rides usually last for around an hour and at the end of the trip you'll be greeted by the ground team with a complimentary champagne toast celebrating your safe landing and an incredible journey.

Looking at hotair balloon rides, more and more people see them as the most fantastic opportunity. From aspiring balloon pilots to those that simply appreciate nature, a hot air balloon is one of the easiest ways to explore the countryside and look at the country from a magnificent vantage point. With hotair balloon rides, you can be at one with nature, drifting with the wind as you take in the beautiful sights and scenery of the UK.

Today, hotair balloon rides are incredibly safe and a great deal of fun. With so many providers, you can even book hotair balloon rides online! Prices start at between 80 and 100 and once booked, you can be up in the air in no time.

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Balloon Ride

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