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Balloon Ride FAQs

Flying in a hot air balloon really is an unforgettable experience, but even today, itís still something many people are scared of despite the fact itís an incredibly safe form of travel. To help you learn more about hot air balloon rides, take a look at our balloon ride FAQS below:

How does a hot air balloon work?

Hot air balloons have been around for well over a hundred years, and they work thanks to the principle of convection. Essentially, hot air rises, and hot air balloons work by heating air inside a Ďballooní. When the air inside the balloon rises, it takes you with it!

Are hot air balloons safe?

Hot air balloons are actually really safe. Take a look at our balloon ride FAQs to see how they work, and remember that there will always be a pilot to ensure everyoneís safety. These days non-flammable materials are used in construction, and the pilot can make the balloon land at almost any time he wants.

How much does it cost?

Depending on where you live and what operators you choose the cost of a balloon ride may vary. Itís always best to check their balloon ride FAQs out first, and give them a ring to see just whatís included. Typically a shared balloon ride costs around £100.

Where can I experience a hot air balloon ride?

Today, there are a number of operators offering balloon rides practically anywhere with the only limitations being the weather. For more information about how the weather affects balloon rides, take a look at our balloon ride FAQs

Who can go on a balloon ride?

Just about anyone these days can enjoy a hot air balloon ride. However there are restrictions based on bodyweight, disabilities and also age for the reasons of health and safety. Generally speaking under 16ís need parental accompaniment and depending on provider if youíre disabled or over 110kg, you may not be able to fly due to safety reasons. Check their balloon ride FAQs for more information.

What happens on the day?

On the day of your balloon ride, youíll arrive at the meeting point and the team will take you to the landing site. Depending on the operator you choose, you may be invited to assemble the balloon and learn more about it. After everythingís ready, youíll be briefed on safety and then, itís time for a fantastic voyage. At the end of your trip, youíll land and be awarded both a certificate of achievement and depending once again on the operator, a champagne toast.

What about the weather?

Good weather is a critical part of ensuring a safe balloon flight and no operator should risk your safety ever. The number one risk to a balloon is through lightning strikes, wind and also rain. Before you book a balloon ride, itís important to check the balloon ride FAQs to ensure that in the event of bad weather, you can rebook or alternatively get a refund.

We hope our balloon ride FAQs have helped answer your questions. Hot air ballooning is safe, enjoyable and a thoroughly memorably experience that just about anyone can enjoy.

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Balloon Ride

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