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Balloon Ride

Balloon Rides

A balloon ride gives you a truly unique vantage point in the clouds and it's a magical experience that anyone can enjoy. Going up in a balloon and sailing with the wind is natural, and it really is tranquil. Everyone dreams of flying like a bird, with a hot air balloon ride, you really can soar through the skies in one of the oldest and most enjoyable ways.
A balloon ride gives you the chance to enjoy a truly unparalleled flight. While it may only last for around an hour or so, for the duration you're up there, you'll be able to see the world from a truly spectacular vantage point and enjoy a unique experience that really is unforgettable. The UK is a truly spectacular country when viewed from the air, and when you're in a hot air balloon, you can see for yourself just how amazing everything really is.

Roads will become smaller, cars will become toy like and people will become small specks. Soaring through the skies in a hot air balloon lets you experience something truly spectacular, and its also a great deal more affordable than you might think. With a balloon ride starting at around 100 you can experience breathtaking scenery whilst your pilot ensures your absolute safety. With many operators offering hot air balloon rides throughout the United Kingdom, you can experience the thrill of soaring through the skies just about anywhere.

Today, a typical balloon ride starts at just after dawn or just before dusk, as the flying conditions are optimal. This means thermals are higher and as a result, you can be guaranteed of a smoother ride and also more amazing scenery. Imagine watching the sun set aboard a hot air balloon! As the team prepares your hot air balloon ride, you'll be invited to join in the fun and learn about how the balloon works, as well as receive a safety briefing.

When everything's ready, it's time to jump aboard and the pilot will take you on the trip of a lifetime. Your balloon ride may be shared with six or more people or alternatively it's possible to hire a VIP balloon and share it with just another person. For the duration of the flight, the pilot will be on hand to answer your questions and ensure that you feel safe, relaxed and that you have a truly unforgettable experience.

After you'll be greeted by the trailing pick-up team who will join you with a champagne toast to celebrate your splendid voyage and safe landing this balloon ride may have just been an hour, but for most people, it's the chance of a lifetime and something that's hard to forget. Ballooning isn't like flying, gliding or anything, it's a completely unique experience and something that you most certainly won't forget.

More and more people are enjoying the thrill of a balloon ride and you can experience it almost worldwide. From the Grand Canyon to the Scottish Highlands, you can have an unforgettable experience, for just a few pounds.

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Balloon Ride

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