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Balloon Ride

Balloon Rides

The experience of a balloon ride is breath-taking and exhilarating. Soaring through the clouds in the direction that the wind takes you feels almost natural, flying like a bird, almost silent as the balloon takes you up to heights that let you see the countryside and enjoy the breath-taking views around. It's clear that balloon rides are most certainly a unique and unforgettable experience.

Balloon rides are something that anyone can enjoy, the youngest person to experience what a flight in a balloon was around three or four! And the oldest – 100 years. This breath-taking experience is the oldest form of flight and balloon rides are something that everyone can enjoy. The spectacle of seeing a balloon inflated and then getting in the basket, taking off and enjoying the sights that a balloon ride provides is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to go up in a hot air balloon.

Even though today, modern air transport is the norm, there is still a novelty with balloon rides that will most probably never wear off. It seems almost a surreal experience, standing at the bottom of a huge balloon which takes you on a journey that you can't experience anywhere else. With a glass of champagne at the end of the ride, you can toast an experience which afterwards you'll remember for years. The great news is that the thrill of balloon rides are neither expensive nor do you need anything other than a passion for it in order to enjoy the experience.

Today, balloon rides happen nationwide and there are so many choices when it comes to what you want. You could enjoy an hour of soaring in a VIP balloon with your fiancé, and just the pilot – or alternatively you could go up in a 12 man balloon with friends and family! Whatever the occasion, a balloon ride gives you the chance to enjoy something truly spectacular, or to give someone else the chance to.

At first, you may be thinking balloon rides in the UK are somewhat limited by the unpredictable weather, but it's surprising just how comfortable flying in a balloon can be. Often, many people remark that flights in spring and autumn are the most unforgettable because our country looks its best and while it may be a bit chilly, once you get airborne, you'd be surprised at how comfortable it is.

Typically balloon flights operate from around May to September depending on the company and with many different operators throughout the UK; you can most definitely find someone willing to take you up if weather permits. Usually, it's a simple case of booking a few days in advance and calling up before you depart to ensure that the weather is suitable.

Most balloon rides happen at dawn and dusk as it's not only a spectacular time of day, but it also ensures the most comfortable flying conditions. If you're desperate to experience the thrill of free flight, balloon rides are affordable and at under £100, you really can soar like a bird, if only for a few hours…

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Balloon Ride

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