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Champagne Balloon Rides

The thrill and excitement of a hot air balloon canít be described, but itís something thatís been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Traditionally ballooning was an elitist activity, but today, itís a pastime that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Things have indeed changed and balloon flights are affordable and also a great way to see the country. With champagne balloon rides, you really can enjoy some amazing sights.

Champagne balloon rides are still the norm because as you may have guessed, after your balloon trip is over, your pilot will give you a certificate, and together youíll all toast with a glass of champagne to celebrate a safe landing and enjoyable trip. Champagne balloon rides are a tradition that spans back hundreds of years and today just about anyone can enjoy a balloon ride.

Champagne balloon rides have gotten increasingly more affordable in past years and as a result you can enjoy a sensational trip in a hot air balloon for around £100, including the obligatory champagne toast afterwards! For more intimate occasions, itís also possible to hire a VIP balloon to take you on a private balloon cruise where you can toast to the ride and enjoy your own personal champagne balloon rides.

Today, there are a variety of companies that offer champagne balloon rides throughout the country and itís a sure thing that youíll be able to enjoy the unforgettable experience of cruising in a hot air balloon. With flights occurring roughly six months of the year, thereís the perfect opportunity for just about anyone wanting to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Champagne balloon rides are incredibly safe and relaxing experiences. The hot air balloon is one of the safest air vehicles around and in the hands of a skilled balloon pilot; passengers can just relax and enjoy the fascinating scenery and surroundings that the UK has to offer, making it a pleasant and relaxing experience and a great day out.

Typically, champagne balloon rides last for an hour, but the whole event will most likely take three or four. Flights take place usually just after dawn, or alternatively just before dusk and when you arrive at the pre-designated location youíll be taken to the landing site to witness the balloon being put together. Youíll see how the balloon is filled up and inflated, and also how the basket is attached.

At the same time, the pilot will give you a briefing and after that the champagne balloon rides will commence. Itís then a case of jumping in, relaxing and enjoying one of the most spectacular rides. Going up in a hot air balloon really is fantastic, and after you land, the only way to celebrate has to be with a champagne toast.

Champagne balloon rides are a fantastic way to celebrate just about any special occasion. From weddings to birthdays and even golden anniversaries, a balloon ride is special, and itís a fantastic way to put some special touches on almost any occasion.

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Balloon Ride

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